My name is David, or Merced as I am known online. I am an independent game developer, currently working on my first major project - Cars Incorporated. It is a tycoon game about cars that has gathered a small but loyal fan base over the years. The game has been in development since 2010 and has been publicly available since late 2011. Updates have been coming in irregular intervals ever since with financial issues being the one and only thing to slow down development for most of the time - I am developing privately, so there is no budget attached.

It might be noteworthy that the game has been fully playable since the first alpha release in 2011. All of the functions where in their infancy, but the game was still a playable game, not a techdemo as many other early access titles.

The second half of 2014 saw the slowest development speed ever as I was facing crisis-ridden times, but things are slowly getting back to normal. The first steps in 2015 saw the creation of this site and the Wild Duck Games label which I intend to use for this and future games. Cars Incorporated itself is currently undergoing a larger conversion and upgrade process as the game moves from the Dark Basic Pro to the Unity game engine for the next major release version 0.40. Some parts are being more or less translated, while others like the UI are recreated from scratch, resulting in a higher development time for this update.

Cars Incorporated (v0.34) is available from this page again after parts of my personal crisis have caused the main site ( to go down. I'm thinking about reinstalling Dark Basic Pro one last time in order to take all the fixes for v0.35 and release a patched version, however no major developments are going to be done on the old version (0.3x) anymore as I am focusing on the new Unity version. All existing license keys will of course remain valid for the new versions.